Shire Meeting Notes

August Shire Business Meeting, 8/8/2018

In Attendance: Ursula, Yzabels, Genevieve, Mikolai, Jadwiga, Marcos, Dar, Feodor, Godith, Francesca, Megan, Meresigha, Fallon, Rosalie, Tyrfingr, Delilah, and Carl

*Dated Announcements* Shire Picnic this Saturday, August 11th at North Cornwall Park, 11am – 2pm! A&S Class on Thursday August 9th – Newbie kits. Come join us at Scriptorium to help make small, easy kits for new people coming to visit the Scriptorium! A&S Class on Thursday August 16th – Warband favors. We will be making fabric-block printed favors for the Shire's warband to be wearing at Autumn War! Archery practice on August 21st – Location and time to follow!

*Announcements* Rosalie's birthday was July 31st! Delilah has gotten approval for her documentary that was taken at this year's Sir Eddie's, so once it's edited it will be available for all to enjoy!

*Officer Reports*

Herald: One person working on their new heraldry, quiet otherwise. The herald e-mail is up and functional, be sure to e-mail Marcos if you have heraldry to approve!

Seneshal: Yzabels is still working on officer e-mails getting set up and reports in. Genevieve is stepping in as deputy Seneshal and the paperwork was signed and collected!

Marshal Report: Marcos has offered to fill the position of Rapier Senior Marshal, and the paperwork was signed and collected! For Heavy, nothing new to report, fighters are doing well. For Archery, Valka would like to offer her place for an archery evening on August 21st. She is also willing to store archery equipment for the Shire and will have safety forms for attending. We will be posting on the Facebook once we have the details.

A&S Officer: Working on monthly A&S activities – Jadwiga has been talking to many people and lining up guests for the Scriptorium time. They have found people who are willing to show calligraphy, how to wrap shields, combat archery, and more. If you want to learn something, let Jadwiga know! Tomorrow (August 9th) is newbie-friendly kits for scriptorium. Next Thursday (August 16th) we will be making war favors for the Shire warband to wear to Autumn War. They will tie to the arm and feature block-printed heraldic rabbits. If you have a spare sewing machine, please bring it on the 16th to Scriptorium to help sew!

Exchequer: We are almost done with US Bank, and will be able to close that account in Sept and move the rest to the new ICU account. Donations received during fight practice/scriptorium last month broke even plus a dollar! In the future any overages will go into the Shire account to cover for dry spells. Francesca will also be looking into additional fundraising opportunities, possibly with Goodwill or other organizations. If you have ideas let us know!

Chronicler: We now have the business notes on the website! We are currently discussing the Shire bank balances being published in the meeting minutes, and the Exchequer will confirm with Principality if this is needed for compliance or not.

Webminister: Officers are updated on the website as well as the business notes. He is currently working on a new format for the site and will will confirm at a future Shire meeting before publishing.

Chatelain: Office is currently empty but Rosalie is interested once she has finished moving in!

YAFA: Fallon will have small activities for the Shire Picnic this weekend, they will have a table set up with painting.

*Old Business*

- **Shire Picnic this weekend!** 10am-2pm at the north shelter of Cornwall Park (near the play equipment). Set up starts at 9:30am if you'd like to come and help hang banners. The Shire will be providing burgers, turkey dogs, chips, and some soda, so people are encouraged to bring additional goodies for the potluck to share. There is a $5 suggested donation if you'd like to help cover the costs for the site and burgers. We have business cards we can give people who are interested. Remember to be an Ambassador! This is a public park and we will be highly visible, so bring projects to work on and be willing to talk about them.

*New Business*

- Opening the call for bids for Eddies! Date is reserved as May 3rd - 5th for 2019, bids are due before the October meeting. If you are considering running Eddies next year, please consider that Deming may no longer be an option due to the changes of policy.

- Dar is looking to go for Thrown Weapon's marshal and is still fixing the Shire's current supply.

Mikolai moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:38pm.

July Shire Business Meeting, 7/11/2018 Chronicled by Ursula In Attendance: Yzabels, Ursula, Adam, Megan, Francesca, Collean, Feodor, and Dar **Dated Highlights!** -July Coronation approaches, July 20th - 22nd
-Shire picnic is August 11th from 10am – 2pm at Cornwall Park
*Announcements* -Sir Morgan's birthday was today, and Jadwiga's birthday is the 13th Bring cake and goodies for Scriptorium!

-Yzabels received a call from the storage locker manager that while the door was shut and the lock closed, the bolt had not been put into place, so the storage wasn't locked – nothing was amiss, but please keep in mind if you are accessing the storage locker to fasten the bolt before putting the lock on. -Officer reports due at the end of the month! *Officer Reports*
Herald: Not present to report.

Seneshal: Yzabels has been working on the use agreement for the Bakerview Christian School: Paul and Jagwiga looked over the document as well. It will be a month-to-month agreement at $250 per month, and remains largely the same except we get use of the larger space for the Scriptorium. A copy was passed around for everyone at the meeting to review. It was moved and seconded to approve the use agreement as-is, and passed unanimously. Marshal Report: Nothing to report – no injuries reported and we are still getting new people. Megan was the only reporting marshalette. Megan is directing people for Archery to Lion's Gate practice on Sunday, as we don't have anything currently in the Shire.

A&S Officer: Not present – Jadwiga will be looking at July Coronation for teachers, hopefully once a month to come in during the Scriptorium for classes. Let her know if there's something you want to learn! Exchequer: Bank balance $4382.19 (ICU) $2K still in old account. Nothing exciting, except Eddies have been closed out! With an attendance of 308 total, we are in the black for the event! Thank you to all who attended and assisted with the auctions and food!

Chronicler: Ursula will be getting with the Webminister to discuss a more static page for the website where we can archive meeting notes, as well as an easy to access feed for updates and stories. Let her know if there's things you want to see!

Webminister: Not present to report.

Chatelain: Office not currently filled, but hopefully soon!

*Old Business*

-Shelter in Cornwall Park reserved for the Shire Picnic on August 11th 10am-2pm. We will have use of the fields and kids can use the playground. We will need a grill for the burgers left over from the Eddie's barbeque; there is still frozen burgers and chips left, we just need to get new buns. Bring things to work on and desserts and let's have fun! If anyone has ideas for small kid's activities, please consider bringing them – we won't be in full-on demo mode, but we always attract attention and small crafts help entertain the kids. Remember to mark your calendars! Megan also mentioned the shelter will be about $100 to rent, considering asking for donations to help cover in lieu of a “gate” fee. *New Business* -Dar mentioned he borrowed two throwing knives from the shire locker, asking permission to start reconditioning the thrown weapons so they are usable again. He doesn't need a budget yet but will discuss with the shire when this comes up. Megan moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:25pm (new record!)

June Shire Business Meeting, 6/13/2018 Chronicled by Ursula In Attendance: Yzabels, Jadwiga, Ursula, Adam, Paul, Sue, Meresha, Megan, Francesca, Feodor, Tyrfingr, and Dar **Dated Highlights!** -Last day to order Sweatorium shirts – Thursday June 21st, link below -Shire Pre-Eddie's Meeting – Wednesday July 20th, 7pm, address below -Shire Picnic – Sautrday August 11th, Cornwall Park *Announcements*
-Scriptorium/Sweatorium shirts are available for $10 (plus tax) on the Facebook – proceeds go to founding the Scriptorium/Fight Practice site and to show pride for our famous fighters and artisans at work. Only available until the 21st so get your orders in soon! Link is as follows: -There is talk of another Continued Learning Class being offered soon at Western focused on Norse Culture – no time or schedule has been decided yet, but Master Adam will keep us posted. This class will likely be a daytime class. -June Birthdays: Meresha's birthday is the 30th, yaay! -The weekend of July 14th - 15th there will be a Medieval Baking Weekend in Clinton, BC – Megan and Meresha are carpooling, talk to them if you'd like to come along! -Business notes from February and April have been reviewed and approved.

*Officer Reports*

Seneshal: -There is a new site manager for the weekly practice site at the Bakerview Christian School that made an extreme price hike for using the site, going from $50 a week to $500 a month. After some negotiation, we would agree to pay an extra $10 a night for more space, coming to $250 a month. Discussion leaned strongly to accept the deal, but to keep looking for a new location just in case. Feodor has been tracking other sites and costs and will assist with continuing the search for a better location. The point was made that this new contract would be in writing and for around 12 months, to prevent future confusion on agreements. Worry came up of locking ourselves into a year in case something new comes up, but it's looking like this will be our best bet. The donations are currently running closer to $30-40 a week but we already have ideas to do fundraisers and sales in order to make up the difference. Jadwiga motioned to put it to vote that we accept the deal – with amendment that we will have Yzabels obtain the contract and bring it to a Thursday practice for group approval. This motion passed unanimously.

Marshal Report: Practice was at Cornwall Park last week; on the Archery front, we have no permanent site for practices right now but Lion's Gate has an excellent practice that Megan is willing to carpool to should people express interest.

A&S Officer: Ursula has stepped down as A&S Office and her deputy Jadwiga has taken over. Jadwiga is looking for new classes people want to see or teach – Megan and Mereshiga offered to have pewter casting classes soon.

Exchequer: Eddie's reimbursement checks are almost done – the names have finally been updated on the bank account! We can now cash checks made out to the Shire of Thornwold. Current balance is $4725.19 after the current reimbursement checks and site payment. We still have some money in the old account but that total was not listed. Still waiting to hear back if Eddie's was in the black but we are waiting for the final receipts.

Ursula has stepped into role of the Chronicler. Notes will be posted on the Facebook for approval, then final copies will be put on the website. Will be working on new articles and pictures as well.

Webminister: Facebook is going well – working on a new design for the website so it will be able to flow easier. Anyone with content they'd like to add, contact the Webminister!

Chatelain: Genevieve has stepped down from this position; Rosalee is moving to the Shire and has expressed interest in taking up the office once she's settled.

*Old Business* -Eddies is over – we had a post-Eddie's meeting, most of it focusing on avoiding burnout of volunteers. Adam suggested starting our Eddie's meetings now for next year. There will be an Eddie's “prenatal” meeting on June 20th at 7pm, 2600 Likely Court in Bellingham. (The room gets cold so bring your slippers.)

-Adam provided the Silent Auction handout from Robin for anyone wishing to help run this for next year; this handout will be scanned and offers insights from experts. If anyone is interested please let us know!

-The Shire Picnic site was discussed and we decided on Cornwall due to central location – Megan is going to try to get the sheltered area with a field nearby for any fighters that show up, near the play area. August 11th, we will see you there!

*New Business* - It was mentioned that Desiree from Lion's Gate is interested in having July Coronation in Thornwold – she has been in communication with Genevieve, currently discussing the fairgrounds. Everyone was very much in favor of this, to give experience to the volunteers who want to help and to help others run events that we don't have the steam to. We will invite her to come and visit so the Shire can meet her and be familiar with what she is bringing. -Francesca mentioned that we currently don't have a bardic group in place. -Motion to end the meeting was made by Tyrfingr, end time 7:53pm.

**Month of May Minutes currently missing ** Shire meeting Minutes for April 11 AS 53/2018. Please correct if you attended. Chronicled by Meresigha Attendees: Paul, Adam, Meresige, Megan< Francesca, Fallon, Tyrfingr, Ursula, Genevieve, and Feodr. Announcements: Chaucer on Thursday evenings, $45, see Adam. Harp Tuning at 10 am Sunday, at Megan and Meresige’s. Ursula has new job at SeaMar! Saikken is moving out of state in 2 months.

Officer Reports:

Seneschale: Things going well. Officer emails being distributed.

Heraldry: All Marcus has done is crush dreams.

Marshal: Paul says everyone sick or injured. Marcus held Rapier practice @ fight practice but he was only one turning out. He proposed a shire loaner rapier be purchased, $270 including shipping.

A&S: Ursula wants to do more classes. Needs to set Pewter I date, but needs a site – covered or in a park in summer? Mead class requested.

Exchequer has a deputy – Feodr. There was much rejoicing! Needs a another person to serve on the financial committee. All officers get her ballpark budget numbers for their office. Contact her.

Chatelaine needs a deputy and help at Eddy’s.! Facebook doing well, too. WWU Anthropology club wants a meet-up, 4/23 or next month. He’s coordinating. Also doing a Craigslist/Sir Eddy’s post. Chatellaine needs a deputy and help at Eddy’s. Archery has a Eddy’s prize, One dozen 40-45# arrows ~ $100.00. Please advertise! Old Business: - we had a parade (St. Patty’s) and it did not rain. Weird. Pavillion too big for the trailer we could rent because they wouldn’t let us rent the big trailer because our truck was too small. Well, it was a big truck but not big enough. Next year we need a big enough truck. And simpler signs (didn’t find the yellow

plywood signs). Need a “return with us to the Middle Ages” vinyl sign. We should have a design contest. Will cost approx. $40.00

- we had a parade (St. Patty’s) and it did not rain. Weird. Pavilion too big for the trailer we could rent because they wouldn’t let us rent the big trailer because our truck was too small. Well, it was a big truck but not big enough. Next year we need a big enough truck. And simpler signs (didn’t find the yellow plywood signs). Need a “return with us to the Middle Ages” vinyl sign. We should have a design contest. Will cost approx. $40.00 New Business

- Warren picnic August 11th. Megan and Fallon will find a site and reserve it. We will need a fancy pavillion? They can change the name. We need to post a lot. - The Exchequer needs paper. Seneschal: Things going well. Officer emails being distributed.

Date of Meeting: March 14th, 2018

Chronicled by Ursula

Announcements: -The (then) current issue of Family Handyman had an excellent plan for a Viking-style wood table. Check it out if that's something you'd be interested in!

-Kingdom is currently working on getting general e-mails set up for all officers in all branches – something like – which should help with clarity and permanence of contact info.

-The website re-direct from Shittemwoode to Thornwold was still underway, but during the course of the meeting contact had been made with the person to do this and it should be underway! Officer Reports:

-Herald: No current new business. If you have arms to register, now is a good time!

-Exchequer: We are moving forward with moving to a new bank/credit union, the best way to ensure the name change on the account. For Eddie's, it will likely be that checks will still need to be made to Shittemwoode for now. The Exchequer is also looking for a deputy to begin training early for when her term is up; if this is something you're interested in, please let Francesca know! -Marshal: No current new business; the transition from Dustin to Todd for the current Marshal Officer is in process and only needs the paperwork to be submitted to finalize. Mark is also currently a rapier deputy and we hope to look into reviving rapier practices soon.

-A&S: We had a wall-painting party/class on March 11th that was well-attended and received, hoping to do more classes like this in the future!

-Chatelaine: We are looking to start hosting more newcomer events as we come closer to the good weather and after Eddie's is done. (I apologize, I seem to be missing the notes for Seneschal report – but no news is good news!) Old Business:

-The Shire participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade this year on March 17th – the weather held and a good time was had by all! New Business:

-Now is the time for Award Recommendations! Both the King and Queen, as well as the Prince and Princess will be at Eddie's this year, so if you can think of any deserving local, make sure to make your award recommendations now!

-We are currently looking for new content to show on the website. Pictures, articles, stories, news – if you have anything you'd like to share, please let the webmaster know!

-We are hoping to have more Youth Activities during Eddie's and depending on how things pan out at the event, expanding this area to entice and include more families to the Shire.

-Master Adam is currently making a PowerPoint presentation on interesting castles – hopefully to hear more on this soon!

-Professor Vullic (please correct if my spelling is wrong) from WWU has agreed to allow the Scriptorium access to the Special Collections of original manuscripts at Western at a future date! She would also like to give a lecture for the Scriptorium at a future date.

-We are looking to foster more of a theme for the Shire being a center of Learning by inviting more

educators to speak and teach those coming to visit; look to hear more on this in the near future! Shire of Thornwold Meeting Notes for February 21, AS 52 being CE 2018 Please comment if you attended.

Chronicled by Meresigha Attendees: Who has the attendance list? Ysobel “Let’s make this quick”


- Chaucer class, see Adam. Through the Academy of Life Long Learning.

- Genevieve’s kiddo is 4!

- Ursula or Paul will do notes next month.

- Their Highnesses Tir Righ are giving scrolls and coins to scribes!


- Seneschal: Doomsday report done. Background checks underway. Kingdom is setting up emails (did I transcribe that correctly?)

- Marshal via Jadwiga: No one hurt. Toyvo/Todd will be next Marshal when paperwork done.

- A&S/Chatelaine: 3/11 WECU Ferndale reserved for making new feast hall walls. Bring your projects! 9:30 – 4. Will work on an April date too. Chatelaine needs a successor!

- Webminister Tyrfingr noted still no contact with Tir Righ Webminister. Monitoring Facebook group. Needs content for our webpage – Static pages not good. Send him stuff! We have a U-tube page. Jadwiga suggested how to critique charters.

- Exchequer: Francesca reported that we ended 2017 with $9,483.16 in the bank. We’re at $9,809.16 now. Sent email request trying to find out if the SCA had received our request to change accounts. Send her officer’s budgets.

Old business

- Deming Log show called Ursula and Genevieve re a check. She will talk to our exchequer.

- Gold Key: Chatelaine is planning for replacements. We need to buy and then make. Bring to March meeting @ WECU. Do walls in April.

- Eddy’s: Meresige has not got a lot done and apologizes. New Business

- Ysobel: Waldron Island wants us for a demo. They would provide the boat, approx. April 10 weekend. Contact her to sign up/more info. - Brody: WWU anthro club wants a visitor. Toyvo got an inquiry and he will arrange. Jadwiga and

Mikolaj will do.

- Tyrfingr in charge of St. Patty’s Parade, March 17, at noon, meet @ Ohio and Cornwall. Free! Bring your old busted shields and put on outside of trailer. We have the Blossomtime banner to hang. We need a trailer cozy. Meresige moved Paul 2nd’d allow up to $100 budget for trailer and permanent decorations. All ayes.

- Paul suggested weekly updates re what happened at Fight Practice, scribal, other meetings. Meeting Endum 7:49

Thornwold Shire Meeting Notes January 10, Anno Societatus LII being CE 2018 Chronciled by Meresigha Attendees: Marcus, Mathilde, Susan, Paul, Adam, Mikolaj, Jadwiga, Genevieve, Megan, Fallon, Delilah, Tyrfingr, and Dar. Announcements: Yzabels not well.

Officer's Reports

- Seneschal via Genevieve: Nothing new. Contact her to sign up for the Youth background check.

- Exchequer via Genevieve: hasn't deposited fight practice $. Will supply balance to Seneschal. Has all the paperwork she needs.

- Chatelaine: Working with WECU in Ferndale for Shire social. Its very booked.

- Marshal: Solid core, decent periphery. Working to get periphery involved. Todd needs, paperwork; Mikolaj will stay deputy. Lions Gate practice will stay Mondays in Cloverdale to the north. Maybe.

- Archery: Megan needs to do a budget and determine cost for a new target. Lions Gate has an indoor Sunday practice site, $5. Jadwiga moved Marcus/Mikolaj 2nd'd $200 to replace supplies. All ayes.

- Rapier: Marcus starting @ Lions Gate probably Thursdays for now.

- Webminister: Tyrfyngr will find Lions Gate's baron @ practice next week and get us updated.

Youth: Fallon officer, Delilah assisting.

Old Business

Gold Key reminder: Silent Auctioning most of stock, but will need replacement basic garb completed prior to auction. Who can lead this project? Tara from Midhaven placed on vigil, will be made a Pelican at 12th Night. Get Munchies to Jadwiga@ Fight Practice this Thursday. No February winter social (see above). Warren Picnic needs an autocrat for this simple event in July or August. Discuss in February. Endum 7:40 pm

December 13th, 2017 Shire Meeting Notes Chronicled by Ursula

*Annoucements!* -We had a collection of December birthdays (Mikolai on the 19th, Valka on the 30th, and Galinda on the 16th) to honor, as well as the joyous news of Sir Ulfgar getting married!

*Officer Reports*

-Seneschal- She was pleased to report that Faolin has heard back on her background check and things are progressing well in order to make her an officer for the Youth Activities! Yzabel urged any and all who would be willing to put their names down for YAC/YAFA activities to submit their names for background checks with the Kingdom - this way we can maintain the "two deep" rule and always have at least one backup able to run activities and inspire the next generation. Please contact her if you wish to sign up! She also got lots of info from the collegium for seneschal/exchequer and is going to begin compiling a reference binder to be reviewed every year to use for protocol and queries.

-Herald- All quiet from the Herald's point - Mark has stepped up as a possible deputy but otherwise nothing new.

-Marshal- All quiet - the only point was to bring to everyone's attention the new Kingdom Marshal's announcement regarding inspections of helmets. In short, helmets must be inspected off as well as on now, to ensure proper padding is in place.

-A&S- With the coming of the new year, Jadwiga will step up as deputy to take over this office. Megan was kind enough to offer guidance and suggestions for those looking to make paper mache crests for the upcoming tournies at Ursulmas.

-Exchequer- The takeover process is almost complete, and Francesca now has the checkbook and PO Box keys. We are also looking to change banks to one with less fees, and which will simplify the process of changing the account name to Thornwold.

-Webminister- We are still working with Principality in order to get the URL redirect from the old name, but otherwise things are good online.

-Chatalane- With the new year we will be looking at starting up newcomer's nights again, as a way to socialize and give an easy way for new folks to meet up. The Ferndale WECU was proposed as an easily accessible, free site.

*Old Business*

-We discussed how advertising for Eddie's will start now - be sure to tell your friends and family, it's the first weekend in May! We will be putting up flyers and such at Ursulmas and all events leading up to the big weekend.

-We also discussed a get-together in order to paint new banners and walls to decorate the feast hall, keep an ear out for when we will do this!

-There will be an Eddie's meeting after the January 10th meeting, bring your helping hands and ideas!

-With a heavy heart we decided to shelve the idea of a local Ithra, as the time frame we were looking at would compete with the Heraldic Scribal & Sword Symposium that will happen in the spring in Lion's Gate.

*New Business*

-We discussed the holiday party which was then upcoming, and happened on Dec. 29th. Much fun was had and we hope to make this a tradition in the Shire again! November 8, 52, CE 2017 Shire Meeting Notes Chronicled by Meresigha Attendees: Yzabels, Meresigha, Ursula, Genevieve, Francesca, Jadwiga, Megan, Kadence, Fallon, Susan, and Marcus. Dar was here earlier but he vanished. Maybe he was carried away by one of his falcons. Announcements:

- Orphan's Thanksgiving and Megan and Meresigha's, 12-9 on the day after Thanksgiving. Bring orphans (leftovers) and games to play.

- Thornwold Scriptorium received an AA! Jadwiga made the scroll. It is very nice. Meresigha "What do we need to go to get a Jambe de Leon?" Officer Reports:

- Seneschal Yzabels: Submitted reports. Fallon has requested to be Youth Activities Officer! (Many huzzahs and praises).

- Chatelaine Genevieve: Working on December Newcomer night. Wants to also do painted wall night. Re-instituting Shire social, every other month.

- A&S Ursula: Planning next classes. Pewter in January, maybe with Mistress Alicia. Doing pair of newcomer's nights. She will draw up 6 months of specific classes.

- Marshal Mikolaj: Moving office to Toivo.

- Exchequer reported. She has the books! Get her receipts for repayments. Needs the post office key (received from Megan). Shall we move account to ICU? Fewer fees, Saturday hours, allows us to easily change the name. Voted, all ayes. Balance same as last month, and contributions coming in.

- Webminister via Yzabels: updating webpage and Google calendar. Let him know re events, etc.

- Herald via Marcus: He's helping with getting arms registered. He's getting old meeting minutes to update the OP, before February. Message him if something is missing from the OP! Old Business:

- Meeting notes, moved approved all notes.

- Eddy's: last weekend April not available, Deming checking dates near this date. Meresigha will contact Lions Gate and see if they will move their Champions off of 1st weekend in May. Jadwiga will contact Deming, reserve 1st weekend May 2019. Then, put it in the Kingdom Calendar. $12/person feast. Meresigha finding chief cook. Genevieve will liaison with Fred Meyers to see if we can get donated roses.

- Meresigha needs to send copies of all notes to the webminister.

- Shire Planning Meeting summarized (see separate notes). Socials need a support committee. Do Warren Picnic and a February Winter event (Godith would like to host). New business:

- Do Yule the week after Christmas; Saturday 12/30? Friday 12/29? Jadwiga will poll. In garb, bring potluck. Bonus points if potluck thingy is medieval.

- Ithra: Meresigha will contact Elwes. M. is not allowed to autocrat. Use Senior Center. Yzabels and Jadwiga will check and autocrat. <>

- YAFA mentors and volunteers need background check, see Yzabels.

- Jadwiga would like to register a shire badge for scriptorium, a Miffin (chimera purpur). "Yark Yark the Miffin do bark." Endum 7:45.