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Eddies is just under a month away, and we are still looking for volunteers to help us run our event! If you are able to assist, please Contact us!

We are still looking for some key rolls to be filled!

  • Feast Servers
  • Gate Helpers
  • 2x Helpers for Archery
  • People to help out in the Public Demo Area (Looking for folsk to man a booth for 2 hours and give hands on experiance to newcomers and the public)
  • Town Cry
  • Silent Auction (We need someone to man this station from noon-4, you get one of the best seats in the house! You will have help when it is time for checkout)
  • YAC Marshal
  • Lists!

Interested in helping out? We'd love to have you there!

Current Roster of (AWESOME) volunteers!


Marshal in Charge: Sir Mikołaj Thorkelwicz
Rapier Marshal: HL Jadwiga Radomyskowa
Archery Marshal: Megan Althea
Yac Marshal: NONE YET

Demo Area:
Head of Demo Area: Genevieve DeMarais

All the Other Awesome Folks:



All the Demo Area Volunteers!

Mistress of the Feast: HL Yzabels de la Costa

Merchocrat: HL Jadwiga Radomyskowa

And So many More!