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Camping Information:

-Camping setup begins on Friday, we ask people to wait until 3 for when our gate is set up.
Exception: Merchants may begin setup at noon, and anyone volunteers are allowed to set up early.

-Please see site copy for site layout, there are places for noisy and quiet camping (within reason, this is not a huge site and some noise will carry regardless).

-Fires are allowed, in contained areas and off the ground.

-We do have garbage bins, but if they fill up, please pack out your remaining refuse.

-If you have any questions, please seek out the vent staff, who can be found wearing yellow sashes, or with yellow haversacks.

Rules for the Eddies 2018 Site.

These are the rules of the site.

All Animals must be on a leash. We understand that your animal might be well trained, but regardless of its disposition, it must be on a leash at all times.

All animals must be picked up after.

Smoking is to be done out in the parking lot. A sand-filled fire pit will be provided.
Note: You may smoke IN your camping area, but all butts must be thrown away. We ask that you touch base with those surrounding your incampment before you smoke out of courtsey.

For all rules, Vaping is considered smoking for this site.

We follow Local, State and Federal Laws, as such marijuana cannot be imbibed at this site

All children must stay within the view of their parents or guardians.
Guardians must be 18 years or older, we cannot have older children watching younger children.

You must have your site token with you when re-entering the site! This is very important, due to issues that came up last year, only those with a site token can be readmitted without repaying gate. Please make sure you have one on your person if you are leaving the site for any reason.