Welcome to the Shire of Thornwood!

We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in Whatcom County, WA.
Within our Society we are located in the Principality of Tir Righ in the Kingdom of An Tir.

We study and recreate the skills and culture of the ancient world. Please join us as we explore history from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance.

Officers of the Shire

Seneschal: Yzabels de la Costa
The Seneschal oversees all the other officers in the Shire and is the primary contact for all legal issues. Deputy: OPEN
Exchequer: Francesca Elenor
The Exchequer is our Treasurer and keeps track of all our finances.
Herald: Sir Morgan of Aberystwyth
The Herald announces things at court, introduces fights on the field, and helps you develop a name and device. In the SCA, we use names that could have existed in Medieval or Renaissance times and create devices that can be used to identify us by picture, much like a coat of arms Deputy: Marcus banu'Khabeelah
Master of Stables: Sir Mikolaj Thorkelwicz
The Master of Stables organizes practices for our armoured combatants.

Deputy: Toivo Laukainen
Master of Swords: OPEN
The Master of Swords organizes practices for rapier.
Chief Archer: OPEN
The Chief Archer is Responsible for overseeing Archery activities within the branch.
Chronicler: Ursula von Freiburg 

The Chronicler is responsible for the publications of the group.
Web Minister: Tyrfingr Rǫgnvaldarson
The Web Minister is responsible for the website and any other online details.
Arts & Sciences: jadwiga radomyskowa
Arts and Sciences are just what they sound like. The line between what is an "Art" and what is a "Science" is often blurred, hence one person organizes workshops in both areas, and helps people find others to help them in specific areas of interest.
Deputy: Open
Chatelaine: Genevieve DesMarais
The Chatelaine is the person who helps newcomers. The Chatelaine lives to share the world of the SCA with you. She'll help you find others with similar interests within our society.
Captain Of The Watch: OPEN
The Captain of the Watch ensures general event safety by noticing and informing appropriate people of issues with potential dangers; most commonly by overseeing "Rovers" who walk the campground at night to ensure that campfires are under control.
Gold Key: OPEN
Gold Key is the person to contact if you need to borrow garb (costume) for an event.
  Fundraiser Coordinator: Mistress Meresigha Stonegatta
The Fundraiser helps coordinate income producing activities and works with the Exchequer.
  Archivist: Mistress Meresigha Stonegatta
The Archivist is actually our historian and keeps records of our history, minutes, and customs.
  Youth Armored Combat Marshal: OPEN
Current Contact: Evota O'Tagan
The Youth Armored Combat Marshal organizes practices, workshops, and teaches armoured combat for young fighters under the age of 16.