Newcomers Page

So, you are interested in this whole SCA thing, and just aren't quite sure where to start. Or maybe you stumbled across us at a park or event in our armor hitting each other about the head, and want to get in on that action. Or maybe you are just new in town, and want to know more. Well, you are in luck this is the page for you.

My name is Jadwiga, and I am the Webmistress of the Shire of Thornwood, Whatcom County's chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. I just want to say we are thrilled to have you here and are pleased at your desire to know more!


New to the SCA, don't know what is going on at all?

It's okay. We were all there once! Take a look at this wonderful, amazing website hosted by the SCA: Newcomers Portal

In Whatcom County and want to know more about this SCA thing?

Awesome! We can help!

Here are a bunch of links for you to look through!

Shire of Thornwood Website:

Our Calender of Events:

Our Facebook Page:

The unofficial page for our Fight Practice:

The Warren, our Weblist. We try to make sure everything gets posted to the website and FB, but there is often a lot of discussion here:

The SCA's Website:

Our Kingdom, An Tir's Website:

Our Principalities, Tir Righ's Website:

And last but not least, the upcoming events page for An Tir:

If you wish to speak to any Officer in the Shire please look us up on the Officers Page!